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          Home About wanda Introduction to edible fungi Division

          About wanda

          Introduction to edible fungi Division

          Wanda edible fungus Road (Introduction):

          Edible fungus road of the company: the company was established in Taiwan in 1982 (1971), focusing on automation engineering.  
          The company invested in Hong Kong in 1984 to serve the mainland market:  
          1. Invest in an automatic chemical plant, including edible fungus equipment;  
          2. Acting sales of Lentinus edodes and Flammulina velutipes.  
          The company invested in Shekou, Shenzhen in 1988:  
          1. Build an edible fungus factory equipment factory;  
          2. Build a Flammulina velutipes factory with a daily output of 20000 bottles;  
          In 2000, the company cooperated with the first factory in Taiwan, Flammulina velutipes factory, to fully automate Zhongshan synthesis  
          In 2002, the company cooperated with Meizhou suiguang, the first industrialized apricot abalone mushroom factory in mainland China  

          Service content:

          1. Whole plant design of mushroom factory: (investment consultation)  
          2. Mushroom factory construction: (mushroom house construction and cultivation house construction)  
          3. Aseptic purification workshop (aseptic cooling room, aseptic inoculation room)  
          4. Refrigeration: (single original imported machine, large central refrigeration system)  
          5. Import and export equipment agency  
          6. Planting technology (base training)  
          Service varieties: Flammulina velutipes, Pleurotus eryngii, white jade mushroom, crab mushroom, etc.  
          At present, the service items are foreign edible fungus factories: Canada, Thailand, India, Brazil  
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