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          Home About wanda Introduction to purification Division

          About wanda

          Introduction to purification Division

          Wanda people with decades of experience have always focused on the R & D and manufacturing of purification projects, and have long provided "turnkey projects" and "one-stop services" of various production lines for many famous enterprises. In particular, our achievements in dust-free overall design engineering have attracted people's attention; "Digital service full-automatic dust-free production line" has not only obtained the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements in Shenzhen, but also obtained a number of national patents.


          Contact information of principal

          Domestic business: Mr. Tang Xianjian 13603059042  
          Office special line: 0755-27692431; twenty-nine million nine hundred and ninety-two thousand nine hundred and forty-two  
          QQ:295 672 350  
          International Trade Department: Tom 13858115394
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