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          Group talent concept

          Humanistic "man"

          Employees are the first wealth of the enterprise and the source power of enterprise development; It is the care for employees' life, the cultivation of working ability and the respect for employees' value.  
          Talent concept: the value of the enterprise is realized through the efforts of employees, and the value of employees is reflected through the success of the enterprise!  

          A man of integrity and honesty

          A person who can challenge with strong willpower and action to achieve his goals  
          People who can constantly strive for self innovation  
          Responsible and team player  

          Assessment and evaluation

          Give priority to performance and encourage teamwork and organizational contribution  
          Have both ability and political integrity, and take morality first  
          Focus on ability, not potential  

          Distribution and incentive principle

          We strive to provide employees with a stable job opportunity and broad development platform;  
          Provide competitive compensation, benefits and promotion channels for core employees  
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