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          Contact us

          Contact information

          Shenzhen Wanyou Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd
           Investment consulting contact information  
          General person in charge of edible fungi: Liu kangwen 13602698024  
          Person in charge of purification project: Chen Fuhai 13603048643  
          Industrial raw material Consulting: Liu Kangning  
          Person in charge of South China: Li Jieshuo  
          Person in charge of southwest region: Luo Xiaoyan  
          Office Tel.: 0755-27692431 29992942  
          Fax: 0755-27692440  
          mail box: sell@wandagy.com  
          Website: www.zekunyuan.com com  
          Global service hotline: 4001-800-338  
          Hong Kong company address: room 1701, 17 / F, Yugang building, 90 Jaffe, Wanchai, Hong Kong  
          Address of headquarters of Shenzhen company: No. 72, Songgang Avenue, Bao'an District, Shenzhen  
           Copyright 粵ICP備17003455號 Shenzhen Wanyou Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd  Site map